2022 Engineering and Computer Science Research Day Awards

The Higher education of Engineering and Pc Science held its yearly Study Day on March 25, with the following assignments having residence awards in their respective types.

Poster Competitors

Initial position: Elizabeth Oguntade, PhD. university student in Bioengineering. On-Need Activation of Functional Protein Floor Patterns with Tunable Topography Suited for Biomedical Applications. Advisor: Dr. James Henderson

Next location: Natalie Petryk, MS student in Bioengineering. Synthesis of Condition Memory Polymer Foams with Off-the-Shelf Parts for Enhanced Commercialization. Advisor: Dr. Mary Beth Monroe

3rd spot: Alexander Hartwell, PhD pupil in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Introduction of a Multilayered Cathode for Enhanced Internal Cathode Tubular Stable Oxide Fuel Mobile Overall performance. Advisor: Dr. Jeongmin Ahn

Honorable Point out: Saif Khalil Elsayed, MS university student in Civil Engineering. Modeling Self-Folding Hybrid SU-8 Pores and skin for 3D Biosensing Microstructures. Advisor: Dr. Zhao Qin

Oral Presentation Level of competition

Interaction and Safety Session

1st area: Kai Li, PhD pupil in Electrical/Pc Engineering. Detect and Mitigate Vulnerabilities in Ethereum Transaction Pool. Advisor: Dr. Yuzhe Tang

2nd put: Xinyi Zhou, PhD student in Pc/Facts Science. “This is Fake! Shared it by Mistake”: Examining the Intent of Fake News Spreaders. Advisor: Dr. Reza Zafarani

Health and Nicely-remaining Session

Initial location: Yousr Dhaouadi, PhD pupil in Chemical Engineering. Forming Bacterial Persisters with Light-weight. Advisor: Dr. Dacheng Ren

Second position: Henry Beaman, PhD student in Bioengineering. Fuel-Blown Super Porous Hydrogels with Fast Gelling and Superior Mobile Viability for Mobile Encapsulation. Advisor: Dr. Mary Beth Monroe

Energy, Environment & Intelligent Resources Session

Initial spot: Durgesh Ranjan, PhD college student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Porous nanochannel wicks based solar vapor technology product. Advisor: Dr. Shalabh Maroo

2nd put: Alexander Johnson, PhD student in Civil Engineering. Estimating Dry Deposition of Atmospheric Particles by Rain Washoff from City Surfaces. Advisor: Dr. Cliff Davidson

Sensors, Robotics & Wise Units Session

1st place: Lin Zhang, PhD college student in Computer/Information Science. Adaptive Sensor Attack Detection for Cyber-Physical Programs. Advisor: Dr. Fanxin Kong

Next put: Zixin Jiang, PhD student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Short-phrase occupancy prediction driven smart HVAC management. Advisor: Dr. Bing Dong

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