Companies can’t get enough of good ol’ tape storage for ransomware resistance

Tape storage by no means went away for massive info storage businesses but you would be forgiven for not becoming acquainted with the tech as a Computer gamer in 2022. We’ve since moved onto significantly, substantially faster technologies for our gaming PCs, the likes of NVMe SSDs. But tape is not lifeless, significantly from it—it’s really been a record 12 months for tape storage revenue, reportedly spurred on by fear of cyber attack.

Tape is a pretty ancient storage engineering by contemporary requirements. There are magnetic tape-based mostly storage methods going back to the very first business PCs in the ’50s. The ones we are chatting about right now, Linear Tape-Open up (LTO) came a minor later than that, in the ’90s. This is in essence an open typical for magnetic tape storage produced by a cross-field consortium, and produced today by the likes of HP Company, IBM, and Quantum Corporation.

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