The Best Crypto Chart Apps to Keep Up With the Market

best crypto chart app

If you’re on the go and want to know what’s going on with cryptos, the best app is probably one that allows you to keep up with the market in real time. CoinTracking makes this easy with its unique feature that lets you see your portfolio profits in both BTC and USD. It also provides a variety of charts, including the popular Volume by Price and Heiken Ashi, and it also includes historical data.

This app has an intuitive interface and a powerful trading platform. It also allows you to customize your chart settings and trade strategies. You can also view multiple types of graphs in a single place without switching tabs. This app also has a community of traders, so you can learn from their experiences and educate yourself on the latest trends.

Altrady is a multi-currency trading platform that offers one of the best crypto chart apps. It was founded in 2019 and currently has thousands of users. Altrady’s charting software is easy to use and intuitive, and it even features multicharting pages and smart automated trading features. It also lets you backtest your trading strategies with historical data.

Another popular app that allows you to trade from the charts is CoinCheckUp. It features professional charting tools, indicators, and strategies designed for cryptocurrency traders. It also lets you build custom charts or browse millions of other users’. You can also upgrade to the premium plan and get access to more advanced features. Pro members also have access to a chat room where you can discuss strategies and learn from other pro members.

CoinMarketCap is another popular app with crypto enthusiasts. It allows users to check out key stats for various cryptos, such as top gainers and losers, as well as find new exchanges and market derivatives. It even includes an option to compare two coins side by side. In addition to its standard features, CoinMarketCap has a mobile app that can help you keep up with the market.

Another good app to keep an eye on cryptocurrency prices is Crypto Price Alerts. This app allows you to receive price alerts when cryptocurrency prices go up and down, so that you can make trading decisions with confidence. You can also deposit fiat instantly and withdraw crypto at a fee-free or low fee. Besides, a good crypto app will also give you the option to mine or stake your cryptos.

If you’re interested in knowing the market trends, you can use the best crypto chart app to get high-level insights. A few examples include candlestick and price graphs. Candlestick charts display time on a horizontal axis, while price data is on a vertical axis. This type of chart is much more detailed than traditional charts and will allow you to see the high and low prices, as well as the opening and closing prices.

Markets Pro is another good option for users. This app combines real-time market data with sentiment analysis and social media activity. It is available as a desktop and iOS app. This app also lets you import orders and portfolios. Another feature of this app is its ability to track your portfolio in real time across exchanges.

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